Monday, June 1, 2009

Appointment with the Urologist

Dr. Jones (Ped. Urologist at Texas Childrens) was extremely positive on Friday.  We are going to have to do two more additional test/scans down at the medical center to have a complete diagnosis, but from the ultra sound he was pretty certain that the left kidney has 0% function.  This is actually good news, weird huh?  He said that you would much rather have a kidney with absolutely no function vs. a kidney that has 10% function.  A kidney without any function won't have to be removed whereas the other would most likely have to be removed. A partially functioning kidney (only 10% etc) have a tendency to cause infections in the healthy kidney.  

Addyson will continue to stay on the antibiotic until these two test are complete.  There is another issue that can occur (something with reflux in the name of the disorder, lol) that could cause infections.  The scan will help determine if that is an issue or not, but he doesn't see that it will be a problem. 

His assistant will give me a call today (hopefully) with the appointment time for the scans.  I think they will be an all day event, but I'm ready to have a diagnosis and a plan in place for her... Which these scans will finally give us.  She will see the Urologist every 3 months and he will do an u/s every visit just to ensure nothing changes with her right kidney.  He also said that we will address sports/activities when she gets older, but as long as she doesn't play hockey he thinks she can be a normal kiddo.

Thank you to everyone again for all the prayers :)

Here are some pictures from Zane's birthday party and a birthday lunch...

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The Merchants said...

Your daughter is soooo beautiful!!! I cant wait to see her in person!!!!!! I'm coming this weekend so maybe we can meet up???