Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're Pregnant!!!

Hard to deny 4 positive tests...
   Is it just me or does he look scared?!?

No Faint Line Here...

My 3 Boys during Ike...

     My New Hair "Do"

Yep... Zane is going to be a big brother in May.  We obviously didn't plan for this little bundle of joy, but we are really excited.  We have an u/s scheduled on Friday Oct. 3rd, and at the appointment we should get our "official" due date.  Besides this evening, I've been feeling pretty good the past couple of days.  Before tonight, Monday was the last day that I felt "woozy" and not too hot!  

Also, yesterday I got about 10 inches cut off of my hair!!!  It needed it in the worst way.  I'm so upset that I didn't even think of donating my hair... Derek mentioned it when I got home and I wanted to kick myself.  

Last but not least... We survived Ike just fine.  Our power came back on late yesterday afternoon :)