Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

We’ve been pretty busy lately.  I guess I should start off by first giving an update for Addyson’s kidney.  We had a VCUG and DMSA at TX Children’s and everything came back good.  She has absolutely no function in her left kidney, which is what we wanted.  Right now, she was taken off the antibiotic and will have another u/s in August.  They will keep a close eye on her for the first year, and then I think the check ups with the specialist will be more spread out.  They just want to ensure that the cysts do not grow.

This past weekend we went to Batre La Bayou in Alabama to see Derek’s Granddaddy.  We had a wonderful time.  Zane loved it there... He got to pick a squash that was the size of his head and a watermelon with Granddaddy and Grammy.  Derek’s Momma came with us too.  Derek, Zane and I went over to Dolphin Island (Addyson stayed at Granddaddy’s) to the beach.  It was the first time for Zane to go in the water at the beach.  It was so fun.  It was just so nice to go somewhere without internet and turn off the cell phones.  On the flight home some how Addyson’s reflux RX spilled, so we are trying to work with the doctor’s office/pharmacy/insurance company to get it refilled now.  

I’m working on getting everything to get Zane registered for school.  We have to get all his documentation from the court, which is making it a little difficult.  I have to also change everything at the doctor’s office for the shot’s record etc.  It’s a mess and giving me such a headache.  Working with the state on this kind of thing is much like pulling teeth.  

Addyson is doing good and getting big.  Well, we finally moved out of Newborn sized diapers into size 1.  They are still a tad too big, but the other’s started to leak.  She’s slowly moving out of her newborn sized clothing into 0-3 months.  At her 2 month check-up she weighed 10 lb.  She’s doing better with her neck control.  She smiles and coos now too.  It’s so cute... She’ll mimic me.  Once I get her to focus on me I’ll start making “Whoooo” noises and she will repeat me.  We will continue doing that for a couple of minutes, and it will end with her giving me the biggest smile.   

Last thing, my maternity leave just got extended.  It’s really strange how this worked out.   Hewitt changed their FMLA carrier on June 1st, so anyone who was currently out on a leave their time went back to zero.  Meaning, that my 12 weeks started on June 1st vs. April 22nd.  My first RTW date was July 15th, but now I have the option to push it back to August 24th.

Below are some pictures from the Alabama trip and a visit to the police station.  Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July....


The Merchants said...

Hey girl! It's been a long time. Your little family is SOOOO beautiful. I'm so happy for you. I am going to try to come to Texas soon. I would love to meet up with you an meet your little girl. It's been years since I've seen Zane too!!!!

Matt and Danielle said...

OK, I'm going to go ahead and complain! I want to see more pictures!!! It's been almost 2 months!! :)