Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update from Friday's u/s...

We didn’t receive the best news from the u/s on Friday, unfortunately. The "kidney" is worst than what we thought.  It appears to really not be a kidney, but a cluster of cysts that formed instead of the kidney.  The only good news is that she won't need surgery to remove the "kidney" because in most cases the cysts will shrink and disappear over time.  

Needless to say, I'm devastated!  I know that I should have been prepared going to the u/s that this could happen, but I think I got my hopes up.  I thought they would tell me that what ever was seen in the u/s sound when I was pregnant had since disappeared or were shadows (yes wishful thinking).  I had my hopes up so high, and I'm so upset now.  I know we can survive with just one kidney, but I'll constantly be worried that something will happen to her right one.

We have another appointment on the 29th of this month with the Urologist... Please keep Addyson in your prayers. 

With Love,


P.S. I posted the pictures that Christin took (C Marie Photography)


Erica said...

I'm a friend of Christin's and have been following your blog during your pregnancy and Addyson's birth. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! I was just telling my husband about her this morning and then I saw your update on the ultrasound results. Please know she's in our thoughts and prayers.
Christin did an amazing job on her photos, too. And of course nothing better than a random question from a complete stranger...where did you find Addyson's fabulous bows? They are the cutest ever!

The Adams Family said...

Awe, thank you so much! We truly appreciate all of the prayers! I actually order them from A few of my favorite sellers are Tessielou and PrettyBabyBowtique. They have a ton of sellers that make adorable bows for much less than what you can find at boutiques (at least it's been that way from what I've seen). Thank you again for the sweet message, it really means so much :)
P.S. Christin also has a friend (Ashley G) who started making bows too.

Matt and Danielle said...

I'll be keeping Addyson in my prayers! That's so if you don't have enough to worry about as a Mom! Christin did an awesome job on the pictures...they're so cute!!